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Women! What would the world be without them...Nothing.

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

March-Women's History Month

March 8,2020- International Women's Day

Project: "March for Women"

I am so freaking proud of myself *InsertsScream*. I don't think my vision would have manifested without GOD. I AM FASHIONED BY THE MOST HIGH. It just keeps getting better! So I wanted to take things up a notch and inspire others. As a stylist, I wanted to do something different and meaningful. I decided to conduct a shoot for International Women's Day,honoring women and equality.I think I nailed it! I worked on this project for two months.This was my first group shoot . I picked women from different cultural backgrounds who are not afraid to fight against glass ceilings and embrace femininity. A great photographer and videographer, beautiful muses, a bomb music playlist, and a hype-woman turned creative director (ME) made it possible. Most importantly, as women begin to realize how important we are in unity ,we can convince the world. Let's celebrate women all year long...sheesh squeezing greatness into one month is tough;)

March for Women project [below] ENJOY!

Instagram:Photographer - @ShotbyTony_


Instagram: Videographer- @Charliexmovie

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