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meentje" ("The Nightingale"), published in 1910.. : /library/02229/B03F6A8DD_Herman_Koch.html "The Nightingale" (original title: "De Nachtzang") is a Dutch fairy tale about a young countess named Marie-Adelaide. When she and her husband are in a carriage that is attacked by robbers, he is killed and Marie-Adelaide is left all alone in the carriage and is robbed. She hides in a chest and sings a bird song so loud that the robbers think it is a chirping robin. The robins, sensing that something is wrong, fly in circles around her singing even louder than the girl. At night the countess is found and is brought to a nursemaid who finds her a home with a widowed noblewoman. At night the birds find Marie-Adelaide and she sings a beautiful song, and they soothe her with their song. "The Nightingale" was published by Herman Koch in 1910 in Holland as "De nachtzang". Koch included the text and the first version of the story, with a colour print by the artist Oskar Petterson. Koch also produced a version for children (under the title "Het Tijdvakje" ("The Timepiece") in 1914), with the text by his wife, Grete Hermann-Koch. It was published in children's book form in 1920 as "De Nachtzang" by C.H. Tijl Fils. Details The story was included in the collection "De ijzeren koord", which Koch published in 1908. In the collection Koch also includes five stories by Herman Grimmelshausen, "Geeste", "Het poverlel" ("The poverty-stricken"), "Het verloren stuk" ("The lost work"), "De twaalf sterren" ("The twelve stars") and "De kleine stier" ("The little dog"), which were reprints of stories that Grimmelshausen had published in publications earlier than the "De ijzeren koord". The story "The Nightingale" was republished in the collection "De ijzeren koord" in 1918, in 1950 and in 1983. It was also included in the children's book "De nachtzang" in 1920, which was produced



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Herman Koch Het Diner Epub Download Site ocegast

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